Thermal Jumbo Rolls

 Thermal JUmbo paper Rolls Manufacturers

The top supplier of jumbo paper rolls in India has extensive knowledge and insight in the field and can therefore provide a wide range of high-quality jumbo paper rolls. Our jumbo rolls are produced using the virgin pulp of the highest caliber. A wide variety of household goods can be made using our large rolls. All of the Jumbo rolls are produced under the direction of professionals in accordance with the predetermined specifications. We supply large quantities of Jumbo Rolls to many countries and their cities. We offer the best price range and high-quality Jumbo Rolls to our esteemed clients. The superior jumbo paperrolls include a number of qualities, including tear resistance, a soft texture, and good absorption. It has a bright surface, it bolds the graphics and words. Also, its smooth texture helps in a faster runnability. Based on the customer’s choice, jumbo rolls can be customized for

commercial places or residential places. There are multiple layers of paper on a jumbo roll that can be used for a longer period. Our Jumbo Roll is BPA-Free. As it has no joints in Jumbo Roll. Everyone knows the small thermal paper rolls are made from jumbo rolls with the slitting and rewinding machine. Depending on meter & width we make number of rolls in single Jumbo Roll. Our jumbo roll is made of thick, high-density paper. We offer Thermal jumbo rolls in regular lengths like 5000, 6000, and 7000. Nearly every roll of jumbo paper has a 3 inch core size. High-quality coated paper in a black color coating is on the thermal giant roll. There are several GSM variants available, including 48 GSM, 50 GSM, 52 GSM, 55 GSM, 60 GSM, 65 GSM, and 75 GSM. The most common jumbo roll sizes are 395mm, 400mm, and 405mm. All over the world, we provide our jumbo rolls, jumbo paper, thermal jumbo rolls thermal jumbo papers, jumbo paper rolls, and jumbo rolls. Jumbo Roll of Thermal Paper, It is utilized in thermal printers, as well as cheap or portable gadgets like adding machines, cash registers, ATMs, fax machines, POS machines and credit card terminals, among other things. Jumbo rolls can be applied to a number of printing tasks, including processing statements and mass marketing promotions. Our jumbo rolls will ensure that your equipment runs smoothly, boosting production.

" The Small Thermal Paper Rolls are made from Jumbo Rolls on the slitting and rewinding machine. "

Types of GSM for Jumbo Rolls:

  • 48 Gsm Jumbo Roll
  • 55 Gsm Jumbo Paper Roll
  • 50 Gsm Thermal Jumbo Roll
  • 58 GSM Jumbo Rolls
  • 60 GSM Thermal Jumbo Rolls
  • 65 GSM Jumbo Thermal Paper Rolls
  • 70 GSM Thermal Jumbo Paper Rolls

Uses of Jumbo Thermal Paper Rolls:

  • Conversion into Small Thermal Rolls
  • A4 size papers
  • Any size of Labels

Sizes in Jumbo Rolls:

  • 400mm x 6000 meter
  • 404mm x 6000 meter
  • 340mm x 6000 meter
  • 324mm x 6000 meter
  • 400mm x 6000 meter
  • 405mm x 6000 meter
  • 405mm x 7000 meter
  • 400mm x 7000 meter
  • 400mm x 5900 meter
  • 400mm x 5500 meter
Thermal Jumbo Paper
Paper type Jumbo Thermal Paper
Size 400mm x 6000 mtr, 404mm x 6000 mtr, 340mm x 6000 mtr, 324mm x 6000 mtr, 400mm x 6000 mtr, 405mm x 6000 mtr, 405mm x 7000 mtr, 400mm x 7000 mtr, 400mm x 5900 mtr, 400mm x 5500 mtr
Color High/natural white
Pulping type Wood pulp
Image Black
Standard width 395mm,401mm,405mm,636mm
Special width can be customized
Standard meters 5000m,6000m,8000m
Special diameter can be customized
Shelf time 3-5 years long preservation
Free sample Available
Place of Origin Indonesia, Malaysia
Supply Ability 200 tons per Month