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Thermal paper roll also called Cash register paper / thermal cash register paper / thermal printing paper / pos paper / billing paper roll etc. Thermal cash register paper is mainly used in thermal printers (no Cartridge required) of cash register system. Thermal cash register paper has uniform color development, good smoothness, high whiteness, and long shelf life. Therefore, thermal cash register paper has a trend to replace ordinary cash register paper in the cash register system. The size of the thermal paper core is also one of the factors that affect the length and price of the thermal paper roll.

80mm x 20mm Thermal Paper Roll is now widely used in various industries such as supermarkets, hotels, banks, telecommunications, and medical, thermal paper, thermalpaper, receipt paper , thermal printer paper, thermal paper price, paper roll price, paper roll, paper roll manufacturer, thermal receipt paper, pos paper, direct thermal paper, receipt paper roll, verifone vx520 paper, printer paper roll, clover receipt paper, thermal roll, clover flex receipt paper, clover mini receipt paper, square terminal paper, receipt rolls, credit card paper rolls, receipt printer paper, staples thermal paper, cash register paper, register paper rolls, credit card receipt paper, pos paper roll, office depot thermal paper, first data fd130 paper, thermal register paper, thermal printer paper roll, fd130 paper, receipt paper near me, thermal credit card paper, clover paper roll, thermal fax paper. care and other industries that require collection and payment,cash register paper use as a proof of receipt and payment.

Cash register paper rolls

Grams 48gsm, 50gsm, 55gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm, 70gsm can be choose
Size 80x100, 80x90mm, 80x80mm, 80x70mm,80x60mm, 57x50mm, 57x40mm, 57x30mm etc.
Package OEM packing, Standard packing
Core plastic core, paper core, coreless

Thermal paper Roll 80mm*15mtrs, 80mm*20mtrs, 80mm*25mtrs, 80mm*40mtrs, 80mm*50mtrs, POS Rolls 80mmx20meters, 80mmx25meters, 80mmx45meters, 80mmx50meters, 79x25meters, 80mm*80mm, 80mm*60mm, 80mm*70mm, 80mm*40mm, 79mm*80mm. Billing paper rolls 80mm*20meters, 80mm*25meters, 80mm*80meters, 80mm*40meters, 80mm*50meters, 79mm*20mtrs, 79mm*25mrts, 79mm*40mrts, 79mm*50mtrs, 78*20mtr, 78*25mtr, 78*40mtr, 78*45mtr, 78*50mtr, 3inch thermal paper roll.

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