56mm x 20mtrs Thermal Paper Roll

56mm x 20mtrs Thermal Paper Roll Manufacturers

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Paper Width Role Diameter Paper Length Paper Gsm Paper Type
56mm 40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 83mm 20mtr, 25mtr, 40mtr, 50mtr, 60mtr, 65mtr, 70mtr 48gsm, 52gsm, 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm, 70gsm Thermal Coated Paper

We are world-leading supplier to deliver top-quality 56mm thermal paper rolls in North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa region’s market like Nigeria, Ethiopia, Egypt, DR Congo, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, Algeria, Morocco, Mozambique, Ghana, Niger, Mali, Malawi, Zambia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Tunisia, Libya, Congo, Mauritania, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, United States of America (USA), Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, United Kingdom UK, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Norway, Ireland, Malta, Iceland, Thailand, Morocco, Tunisia. We manufactured the product with the best quality material, which provides quality tested and guaranteed durability. We have a wide range of quality thermal paper that is compatible with the 80mm x 80mm POS printer paper roll machine and cash registers. The 80mm x 80mm thermal papers are quite affordable in comparison to other printing methods. Thermal papers are using in many industries such as bakery, coffee shops, gas stations, and lottery systems, etc. These papers are legible and readable for customer and they are not fading with oil or UV rays.

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