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AVIS INDUSTRIES is one of the largest Thermal Paper, Paper Rolls, Thermal Paper Rolls, Receipt Paper Roll, Thermal Rolls, POS Paper Rolls, Thermal Printer Paper Roll, 80mm Thermal Paper Rolls, 2 1/4 Feet Thermal Roll, 3 1/8 Feet Thermal Roll, Cash Register Paper Rolls, 57mm Thermal Paper Rolls, Plain Paper Rolls, Printer Paper Rolls, & Billing Paper Rolls Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Wholesaler, Importers, in Mumbai, India & China Factory.


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TPPR® Company is a registered trademark of Avis Industries, which is India’s leader Thermal Paper Roll Manufacturer and Supplier. Thermal Paper POS Roll Company was founded in 1995 in Mumbai, Maharashtra province state, India. We have more than 25 years of experience as manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, exporters, and importers of Thermal Printer Paper as well as Thermalpaper and Thermal Rolls. This is the most significant advantage that makes us different from other suppliers because we know what the right thing is and how to avoid the wrong things in Thermal Paper Industry. Thermal Receipt Paper is also known as Receipt Printer Paper. Thermal Paper which we manufacture are useful at Cash Register Machine, Credit Card Machine, Petrol Pump, Gas Stations, Retails Industry, Super Markets, Payment Processing Industry, Financial Sector, Parking Lots, Gaming Zone, Billing Machine, Hotel Industry, Toll Plaza, Mobile Kiosk, POS Dealer, Handy Machine, transport, Logistics Industry, Medical, Hospitality, Laboratory, and many other kiosk Machine.

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we already have 150 plus customers of Thermal Papers in the American (USA), Asian, Middle East (Dubai) as well as African markets including China and India. We still expand our sales network regarding Till Rolls, POS Rolls, EFTPOS Rolls, and Thermal Receipt Papers more widely. As POS Thermal Paper Rolls is used every day in Supermarkets, Lottery Zone, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, etc. the Thermal Paper product market potential is vast. Please join our distribution network! Of course, you will benefit from our quality Thermal Paper Rolls at low prices, which you cannot get from other suppliers even from China. And we will always support you with prompt, reliable delivery and extremely favorable financial terms. Also, if you meet specific requirements of Paper Rolls, you may have exclusive sales rights in your market.



Most of the BPA and BPS Free Thermal Paper Rolls are used in every hand, in millions of places every day. Avis Industrie’s unique advantage is that our Thermal Paper price and Paper Coating quality is affordable than other Thermal Paper Factory. Also, we always provide a reliable service, long term business relations, we appreciate and take care of our customers, and we customize Thermal Paper Rolls as per the customer’s requirements.

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At Thermal Paper POS Roll, we listen to your needs and provide the best solutions on your Thermal Paper Roll products that are right for your profitable business. We have all types and all sizes of Thermal Paper Rolls. We are specialists as well experts at what we do, we’re able to respond to any of your needs quickly and efficiently.

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80mm X 25mtrs Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal Paper is sometimes known as Thermal Recording Paper. These papers are coated with colorless formula, that will create an image by the application of heat. simple transmission of heat allows printing on the Point Of Sale of Thermal Paper Rolls and enables them to use with ink or ribbons. Thermal Paper can be used for fax paper machines, card machine receipt rolls, and Industrial record machines. Papers are made from a Thermal Coating that provides excellent printing on the Cash Register Paper Rolls. Thermal Papers are not expensive, their price is similar to regular paper.

80mm X 50mtrs Thermal Paper Rolls

Avis Industries is the prominent & leading exporter for 80mm x 50mtrs Thermal Paper with mini statement printing rolls and Thermal Coating for Bill Printing. This regular 80mm Thermal Receipt Printer Paper are very popular in Gulf countries such as Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, Riyadh etc . These Rolls are well-known among customers due to their crisp printing, smooth paper, and eco-friendly nature. We manufacture premium quality of desired sizes and are immensely used in parking tickets, multiplex cinema tickets, and gaming tickets. We offer customized printing on the paper for our valued customers. Thermal Docket Rolls 80 x 80 Paper can be recycled that is made from post-consumer waste.

80mm X 80mm Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal Paper is a specific type of paper manufactured with a special chemical coating that aids inkless printing. It is generally used for Thermal Printer including Thermal Receipt Paper, POS machine, Cash Registers, etc. They are made through the application of manufactured heat-sensitive materials. The mixture of dye chemical and developer materials usually varies at the manufacture’s convenience. Cash Register Thermal Paper is only made for thermal printing, if you use it on the non-thermal printer it will not give you results. The same method applies on basic paper to thermal printers. Even, EFTPOS machine thermal papers are eco-friendly and customers prefer due to the low cost of recycling.

80mm X 80mtrs BPA Free Thermal Paper Rolls

BPA is commonly used for coating on Thermal Paper because it provides stability and heat resistance while delivering the thermal image. These properties are ensuring that Receipt Thermal Paper changes the color safely when thermal papers exposed to heat. BPA Free Receipt Papers don’t require ink to work and faster printing. It gives premium quality printing of the receipt paper that is usually higher than any regular paper printing. BPA Free Thermal Printer Paper Rolls is a common paper of choice that contains BPS.

57mm x 15meters Thermal Paper Rolls

Avis Industries one of the most manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of Paper Rolls. We provide high quality, durable, smooth surface Thermal Paper for our client. These rolls are manufacture by our professional using high-quality paper and advanced machines as per the international protocols. Thermal Printer Paper Rolls are available in various widths, thickness, length, layers according to the different application requirements. Moreover, our manufactured Thermal Paper Rolls are highly appreciated among clients due to their features such as durability, fine texture, tightness, and convenience.

57mm x 25mtrs Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal Paper is a cost-effective paper for the business and relies on simple ink. These papers are delivering the highest resolution and contrast to avoiding other paper related problems. The card machine receipt rolls are using good quality white paper, which is suitable for ultra-fast and effective Thermal Printing. When it used with a POS machine paper or ATM printer, it delivers constantly high-definition printing that produces a quick and accurate result. This superfine paper is coated with an invisible layer of chemicals that change color when exposed to heat. Ink-free paper allows you to serve the bill in a streamlined manner and you don’t need to cut the corner.

57mm x 40mm Thermal Paper Rolls

EFTOS Thermal Paper is not an ordinary paper but it has many advantages for businesses. These papers are different from what we use in daily life such as register or notebook. It has many users across the world but EFTPOS Roll is mostly used for the EFTPOS machines. If someone gets a receipt from an EFTPOS Machine Roll, they want to print everything about that transaction clearly to ensure and it can easily maintain all records. EFTPOS Thermal Paper Rolls are durable, affordable, and far much clear than ordinary paper. This paper is heat-printed, as opposed to ordinary paper that makes is accurate and critical for EFTPOS Receipts.

57mm x 50mm Thermal Rolls

Thermal Paper is usually made from wood pulp that is primed with a chemical in the form of a precoat. The paper is designed to reduce the thousand of a dollar that spends on ink cartridges over the lifespan of your printer. These papers are generally used for the delivery document, printing receipts, packing list, invoice, bank receipt, etc. The printer, which is used for Thermal Till Rolls, doesn’t need any ink. A heat-activated superfine paper changes color when exposed to heat. Thermal Printer Paper Roll is created from dye chemicals and developers that are heat sensitive. When the manufacturing unit processes, these dyes, and developers apply indifferently. It has the potential to resist moisture, heat, and other external factors.

2 1/4″ X 60 Feet Thermal Rolls

2 1/4″ X 60 Feet Thermal Paper is specially made for handheld mobile receipt printer and delivers sharp, clear black image. Thermal Printer Paper also works extensively with the tabletop unit like Cash Register Terminal, credit card machine printers, and POS Thermal Printers. They are very reliable and provide high definition print on the paper. Thermal Receipt Papers are lint-free and clean cutting which is the perfect weight for receipt paper, and will not insist on heavy receipt paper such as thermal printer-heads or POS printer. This thermal paper doesn’t have bisphenol A contain as its harmful.

3 1/8″ x 95 Feet Thermal Cash Register Roll

Thermal Receipt Paper Rolls are used for the credit card terminal and POS machine. Thermal Paper is used as a customer receipts in a retail store, credit card slips, and shopping mall receipt. The restaurant also uses Thermal Receipt Paper to print all orders back in the kitchen or at the bar. Thermal Receipt Rolls have a smooth surface that is coated with dye chemicals. When they are in contact with heat, the paper will change the color to show the text image. Thermal Printer Paper Rolls can print quickly and don’t require additional consumables like ink cartridges, toner, or ribbon.

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