80mm x 50mtrs Thermal Paper Roll

80mm x 50mtrs Thermal Paper Suppliers

The thermal paper roll is a special paper that has many advantages for business. These papers are generally used in banking and other industries. Receipt Paper Roll has a premium quality of printing that means the printing quality is far better than regular paper. Point Of Sale Thermal Paper Rolls are easy to handle at other applications and can be easily aligned during printing. Customers can get a high definition printing on the cash receipt paper and prints are very clear in print visibility. They are widely used in a gas station, flight tickets, hotels, departmental stores, etc.

Avis Industry is the prominent & leading exporter for 80mm x 50mtrs Thermal Paper with mini statement printing rolls and thermal coating for bill printing. This regular 80mm thermal receipt printer paper are very popular in Gulf countries such as Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, Riyadh etc .Thermal docket rolls 80 x 80 paper can be recycled that is made from post-consumer waste.

Paper Width Role Diameter Paper Length Paper Gsm Paper Type
80mm 40mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 83mm 20mtr, 25mtr, 40mtr, 50mtr, 60mtr, 65mtr, 70mtr 48gsm, 52gsm, 55gsm, 58gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm, 70gsm Thermal Coated Paper

Thermal Rolls 80*20, 80*25, 80*40, 80*80, 80*50, POS Rolls 80x20mtrs, 80x25mtrs, 80x40mtrs, 80x45mtrs, 80x50mtrs, 80mm x 60mm, 80mm x 70mm, 80mm x 80mm, 80mm x 40mm, 80mmx80mm. Billing paper rolls 80mm x 20meters, 80mm x 25meters, 80mm x 40meters, 80mm x 45 meters, 80mm x 50 meters, 78mm x 20 meters, 78mm x 25 meters, 78mm x 40 meters, 78mm x 45 meters, 78x50mtrs, thermal paper roll, 80x80mm, POS paper roll 80mmx80mm, 80mmx75mm, 3inch Billing POS paper roll.

Key Features of 80mm x 50mtrs Thermal Paper Roll

1. The paper density is available in 55gsm, 60gsm, 65gsm, 70gsm, 75gsm, and 80gsm.
2. You can use this in swipe machine rolls, PIGMY rolls, and Bank rolls.
3. These papers have high glossiness and a super smooth surface.
4. Thermal paper is available in high brightness white paper.
5. High tightness and properly cut the corner to use.

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